July 17, 2017

Online Personal Training


Take a look to all the different options that we can offer you. Choose the program that better works for you!! We are excited waiting to being able to work with you

The crazy Monsters we have as coaches have developed a one year monster progression training system, to become the beast you always wanted to be.

Each month you will be challenge with the new training plan. Low tech, high efficiency. This will be you against you, no contact with us whatsoever.

We will keep an eye on you and fix your next training program. This is not a 100% custom design program.

  • Free app on the go!
  • 12 months training program
  • Surprise challenges

Starting at $19.99 a month 

A 100% customized 12 months training program. This will work on your body type, goals and possibilities. Work from home or from wherever you are. 

  • 2 online calls. First assestment (define goals, equipment, time, etc) and final week
  • 1 personalize 4 weeks training programs for 12 months
  • 1 free app on the go!
  • 1 message a week through app

Starting at $35.99 a month 


Totally customized, 100% your needs and goals. Get in touch with your personal trainer every week 24/7 to improve your progress. Get advice, news and more workouts per month. Get real results.

  • 4 online calls. First assesstment (define goals, equipment, time, etc), follow ups every week, final week interview.
  • 1 personalize 4 weeks training program, 12 months periodization training plan.
  • 1 free app on the go!
  • unlimited messages a week through app

Starting at $99.99 a month 

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